How it works

Next generation legal service

Tribe’s mission is to empower and support ordinary Australians who self-represent in the family law system.

We have thought hard about how our lawyers and consumer clients could work together in a manner that better reflects contemporary Australian life, and expectations of value in professional service. The result is the innovative Tribe Legal Service Model: unbundled, online and yet still personal, respectful and responsive. And just plain good! This is legal service for here, now, tomorrow....and you!

The Tribe Legal Service Model

  • Online & Personal You choose your Legal Service Products within our web portal. Then we consult with you, provide documents and take your instructions online. Yet you speak personally with us, our advice is tailored and your documentation is bespoke.
  • Unbundled Tribe Hero Unbundled We provide only the specific legal services that you order, rather than all the legal services in a matter, as most Australian family lawyers do. ‘Unbundled legal service’ a new method of providing affordable access to justice.
  • Self-managed We don’t appear in court for you. And you sign the letters, file the documents, and conduct negotiations. But all with as much guidance from us as you need. You drive your own case: we’re right here in the back seat.

Is Tribe for you?

Are you:

• comfortable working independently?
• feel OK about managing your own family law issues?
• reasonably good with technology?

There are no guarantees in family law, not for anyone. But Tribe can be right there, behind you, in many of the most needed post-separation processes. If you put your best legal foot forward, this will reflect in your outcomes.

We can help you make this happen.

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Think about how we can help

Check through our service menu where there’s lots of information about each of our legal service products.


Arrange an initial chat

You can make a booking for a free 20-minute case evaluation.


Coffee time!

In your lounge room, in your kitchen, let’s talk via Zoom about your family law issues in your case evaluation.


Log In

If we think we can help, we'll send you a login to our secure client portal. There you can order the services that suit you and complete intake.



We review your order, upload a Client Cost Agreement to the Tribe Client Portal for your e-signature, and request payment into a safe trust account, usually all within 24 hours. You can make payments securely and directly in the Portal.


Get started with your lawyer

We help you to start instructing your lawyer and send you their calendar.  Then you choose a booking for a zoom consultation that suits you.  (You can change or cancel if you need.) And you're off!