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We deliver cost-effective, low-intervention advice, guidance, and legal documents within a range of fixed-fee legal service packages. Online. Around Australia. City, regional and remote.

We help you to separate, divorce, and to make legal, parenting and property arrangements that are legal and sustainable. We can even help you go to court. All crafted to meet your individual circumstances. All without breaking the bank. All designed to optimise the effect of the involvement of a lawyer in your personal legal matters (and to minimise the negatives).

Facing family law problems alone? You have options now.

Our Services

  • Separation

    So many practical and legal challenges to be faced at separation! We’ll sort through them with you, and work out a strategy for moving forward.

  • Divorce

    Who said divorce was easy? We can guide and advise you through the online processes, documentation and any problems with serving your documents.

  • Parenting

    You want a parenting agreement that works for the kids within the real-world constraints on both parents. We can help you make one.

  • Property

    Almost all separating couples need a property settlement to protect their futures, and professional support to get there. But isn’t this difficult and expensive, you ask? Not anymore.

  • Court

    Going to family court is worrying and confusing. You need content for court forms. You need guidance. We can support your commencement in the family court system.

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But do I need a lawyer?

Many Australians don't use a lawyer for their family law issues. In fact, 30 to 50 percent of family court cases are managed by self-represented litigants. And many other people arrange their own separations, divorces, and make their own parenting and financial arrangements.

Why is this? Well, lots of people simply can't afford a traditional family lawyer. And some people just don’t want one. Others want to resolve arrangements amicably, without blowing up the farm. But Australian family law is not easy to navigate for a non-lawyer. Do-it-yourself family law can be difficult, a bit treacherous even.

So this is where Tribe comes in. Our innovative, unbundled service model is your new, middle-ground option: between managing your family law issue completely by yourself, and engaging a full-representation family lawyer. Tribe will support you with guidance, advice and documentation to be your best legal self, to achieve the outcomes you need to make your future life what it should be.

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Why us?

  • Affordable

    Our affordable family law fees are amongst the lowest in the country. And they are fixed. So you can keep to your budget!

  • Transparent

    Our inclusions and exclusions are clear. No hidden costs. And you will never be charged for a service that you don’t expressly order.

  • Self-driving

    You run your own family law matter supported by us. You write the letters and file the documents but with as much of our guidance as you need.

  • Accessible

    Meet with us by zoom link when it is convenient for you. Get secure access to your legal documents from your office, loungeroom or car.  From anywhere in Australia!

  • Leverage

    Quite simply, working with Tribe improves your odds of a good outcome. We explain the law and help you to act wisely. And we prime your position with great documents.

  • Real and personal

    Yes, we may be online family lawyers but we work hard to keep things human. We're respectful. We know you’re carrying a huge load. So we try to help you through.


My thanks to you is not so much about the services you offer, which was exactly what I needed, but more how you...treated me. You made me feel heard and understood. You treated me with compassion and empathy. And you empowered me to fight another day. In a broken system, which doesn't shine a bright light on the legal fraternity, you are most certainly the exception to the rule! Thank you.

Margaret, NSW, 2020

Mine was an unusual case - I was married to someone who was already married. Maree was amazing. She went the extra mile to help me get all the information we needed, including from overseas. When I finally went to court, the judge said we’d done everything we had to and produced professional and amazing documents.  I won the case. Maree was there for me at every step.

Maria, Tempe, 2019

Maree is a logical, patient and extremely empathetic solicitor. She worked against the clock to prepare my documentation, presenting my complicated story in the best possible light. It is hard to be satisfied with any other family lawyer after you've worked with her.

Mia, Lewisham, 2019

Maree’s knowledge and advice for me were second to none. She knew exactly what was needed without me having to ask. Her approach to dealing with my legal problems were only matched with her empathy for my health condition. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

Anthony, NSW, 2019

Dr Maree Livermore is an outstanding advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Highly recommended.

DD, Google review, Marrickville Legal Centre, 2019
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