About Us

Lawyers for the people

Tribe Family Lawyers was founded on a mission to support everyday Australians who want to manage their own family law issues. Or who are part of the 'missing middle': people who have a family law problem and yet are unable to access legal help. This is the so-called Justice Gap.

Australian family law is your family law. It’s for and about you. We want you to be able to use it to make your life better.

Tribe helps you to get the best possible outcomes from the family law system. So despite that you don't want, or cannot access, help from a traditional family lawyer, or from legal aid, you can reach the other side of your separation in good time, in good health, with your finances sorted, and with arrangements that are in the best interests of your children.

How we work

Tribe is a family law practice with a distributed workforce of experienced lawyers who are directly engaged by Tribe. We're not an agency or a broker for other firms. Our operations are genuinely virtual and 100% paperless. So we're available to clients located all over Australia.

We use the most sophisticated, contemporary cloud-based communication and information technologies in the management of our practice and in our interface with you. We do this to keep our costs down, our efficiency up, and to provide peak access for you.

Tribe is not a full-service family law practice. But we don’t provide generic services either. We provide the most fundamental and important family law services—personally, entirely, and tailored just for you.

Meet the team

Dr Maree Livermore Founder & CEO

About Maree

Our practice is led by Dr Maree Livermore.  Maree is a well-known and trusted family lawyer. She is the author of The Family Law Handbook (Thomson Reuters) a plain-English text now in its 5th edition, widely used by self-represented litigants, universities, and community services around Australia. She holds a doctorate in a mental health field.

From her earliest work as a domestic violence solicitor, her litigation in labour law firms, in her roles as a mediator and in community-based family law, Maree has worked alongside and supported people in the ‘justice gap’ who have difficult family law issues to resolve. She is a passionate advocate for a simpler, more responsive and client-centred family law system.

Maree has a second life as a breeder of miniature Galloway cattle, raspberry farmer and kelpie owner.

Anne Connor Senior Lawyer

About Anne

Anne gained invaluable litigation experience as a deputy associate in the Federal Circuit Court, working closely with several judges, including the high-profile Justice Tom Altobelli, and across a range of matters including family law, child support, fair work and bankruptcy. She has since worked in family law practice in reputable firms and as a sole practitioner. With both depth and range of experience, Anne is well-credentialled for senior practice in property and financial cases with particularly strong documentation skills.

Anne is passionate about achieving justice for her client, using her strong negotiation and advisory expertise in the first instance. But she will not hesitate to litigate if court action is the right course in the client’s circumstances. Anne has a strong personal family orientation and particularly wishes to help the children of separating families by providing their parents with energised, capable and compassionate legal service.

When not at work, Anne enjoys travelling, and watching Bob the Builder with her own young family.

Jennifer Newman Senior Lawyer

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an accomplished lawyer with a proven track record of positively impacting lives and delivering exceptional results. Her approach is characterised by compassion, flexibility, and a deep understanding of both the legal landscape and human element of litigation.

Jennifer is dedicated to identifying and achieving outcomes that bring freedom and long-term stability for her clients. She brings legal and life experience together to identify pragmatic and cost-effective outcomes for her clients.

Jennifer’s commitment to her own family inspires her in her work with clients who want the best outcome for their own families, no matter how difficult the circumstances. She understands the factors that must be delicately balanced and finds creative solutions for complex situations.

Jennifer is an enthusiastic-but-terrible runner, an average baker and a great mum. She is a lifelong volunteer including seven years as a Barnardos ‘kids’ friend’ and serving on the board of a domestic violence crisis service.

Dylan Beneke Senior Lawyer

About Dylan

Dylan has strong litigation experience assisting clients in family law, child protection, child support, parenting matters and property matters and in relation to separation and divorce, including in mediation processes. Having worked with clients of many different backgrounds in city and regional practices, Dylan is a talented communicator who can simplify and explain complex legal issues. He is an impressive advocate, an innovative and pro-active legal representative, and a warm and supportive adviser.

Dylan believes that creative, break-through resolutions to family law problems and even the strengthening of a party’s position, can often arise when the perspective of both parties is kept in view and by considering the history of the parties and the legal issues in a matter as an integrated whole.

When not in the office, Dylan is either active in the community, playing and volunteering with the local basketball and athletic associations, or frequenting Bunnings to attend to his wife’s ever-growing list of household renovations.

Ellie Richardson Senior Lawyer

About Ellie

Ellie brings a wealth of experience to her family law work, from time spent with the Mental Health Legal Centre, the Darebin Community Legal Centre, the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT, and Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission and more recently, in private practice across NSW and Victoria.

Ellie is extremely comfortable in complex, late-stage litigation in both complex parenting and in property settlement matters. She enjoys with dealing with clients from diverse backgrounds, from both city and country locations.

Ellie has a unique talent for identifying the essence of a legal issue and for crystal clear written expression. She is dedicated to cost-effective legal solutions, looking to her clients' financial well-being by applying outstanding efficiency in her case management.

Beyond her time in the law, Ellie enjoys eating amazing food, drinks with friends and rigorous workouts.

Madeleine Gallagher Senior Lawyer

About Madeleine

After several enriching years in general legal practice, Madeleine decided to follow her instincts and passion, and focus her practice in family law and child protection.

Madeleine brings a pragmatic approach to resolving family law disputes, emphasising mediation and out-of-court settlements whenever possible. They are a trained mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner, committed to finding amicable solutions. Should litigation become necessary, however, Madeleine advocates fiercely on behalf of their clients, ensuring their voices are heard and rights upheld. Their expertise extends to complex cases involving parenting, property disputes, and particularly, matters characterised by domestic and family violence.

Outside of professional commitments, Madeleine—also known as Maddie or Mads—enjoys a vibrant family life with their partner, four children, and cherished dog, Douglas. They are goalkeeper for the Village Angels Women’s Hockey Club and relish their time traveling, on beach outings, and in culinary adventures in the kitchen.

Stephen Joyce Lawyer

About Stephen

Stephen started his legal career after 25 years in the health sector, firstly as a registered nurse then working his way into executive management positions. Stephen’s background is mainly in rural health, and he continues to live in rural NSW. In his legal career, Stephen has worked with a diverse range of clients, including clients with a range of disabilities and health issues trying to navigate the family law process.

Stephen has a passion for ensuring that diverse groups have equal access to the legal system. His background enables him to work very effectively as an advocate for vulnerable people.

When he is not working, you might find Stephen exploring country pubs or occasionally driving a train in Byron Bay.


My thanks to you is not so much about the services you offer, which was exactly what I needed, but more how you...treated me. You made me feel heard and understood. You treated me with compassion and empathy. And you empowered me to fight another day. In a broken system, which doesn't shine a bright light on the legal fraternity, you are most certainly the exception to the rule! Thank you.

Margaret, NSW, 2020

Mine was an unusual case - I was married to someone who was already married. Maree was amazing. She went the extra mile to help me get all the information we needed, including from overseas. When I finally went to court, the judge said we’d done everything we had to and produced professional and amazing documents.  I won the case. Maree was there for me at every step.

Maria, Tempe, 2019

Maree is a logical, patient and extremely empathetic solicitor. She worked against the clock to prepare my documentation, presenting my complicated story in the best possible light. It is hard to be satisfied with any other family lawyer after you've worked with her.

Mia, Lewisham, 2019

Maree’s knowledge and advice for me were second to none. She knew exactly what was needed without me having to ask. Her approach to dealing with my legal problems were only matched with her empathy for my health condition. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

Anthony, NSW, 2019

Dr Maree Livermore is an outstanding advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Highly recommended.

DD, Google review, Marrickville Legal Centre, 2019

The Family Law Handbook

‘The Family Law Handbook’, written by our Founder & CEO Dr Maree Livermore, and now in its 5th edition, is a practical and yet detailed guide for people involved in or thinking about separation or divorce. Written in plain English, it explains the workings of the Australian system of family law and sets out the practical issues to be deal with by a separating couple.

‘The Family Law Handbook’ addresses all aspects of making workable parenting, property and financial arrangements for a successful post-separation life. It contains samples of parenting plan provisions, court orders, forms and affidavits that can be adapted for individual use.

The new edition features the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia, more detailed guidance on the popular consent order process and new material for and about young people involved in family law disputes.

Family Law Handbooks Buy now Purchase the Fifth Edition of 'The Family Law Handbook', published in 2019, at the Thomson Reuters website.