Our Top 6 Family Law Services

Dr Maree Livermore
Founder & CEO

From time to time here at Tribe, we count things! And it now appears we have a ‘Top 6 Most Requested’ in our range of Legal Service Products:

Number 1: LSP10 Property Settlement Advisory Clinic
Clients submit their property data in response to a simple questionnaire and in a single-hour consultation receive an answer to That Question: ‘How much am I entitled to’? Afterwards, we provide a tailored Client Action Checklist, to prompt client thought processes and sensible ‘next steps’. $390+GST.  

Number 2: LSP15 Litigation Advisory Clinic
For clients at all stages of the court process. Clients consult with an experienced family law litigator about strategy and document preparation, including some documentation review. Afterward, they also receive a Client Action Checklist.  $390+GST.

Number 3: LSP16 Initiating Application (Property or Parenting): Documentation
We prepare ready-to-file documentation for commencing or responding to FCFCOA proceedings. Includes a single hour of consultation, a first draft, time for client comments, a second draft and plain-English instructions for filing.  $3,450+GST.

Number 4: LSP13 Property Settlement Consent Orders: Documentation
Preparation of ready-to-file documentation includes a one-hour consultation, two drafts, incorporation of comments and instructions for signing and filing. $1820+GST.

Number 5: Full Representation
Yes, we now also offer ‘full representation’ on an hourly rate basis, which means that we can appear for the client and manage the interface with the other party. But we’re still focused on value and our rates are relatively low.

Number 6: LSP20 Lawyer-assisted Parenting Mediation: Lawyer Supporting
Clients have access to 5.5 hours of professional time in mediation process including a single-hour pre-mediation consultation, 4 hours in mediation joint session, and 30 minutes post-mediation debrief.  $1,450+GST

To arrange a free online Case Evaluation via Zoom in relation to any of these services, simply click on this link. We look forward to meeting you!