Separation Advisory Clinic


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Why might I need this?

Around the time of family separation there is a great deal to organise and to plan. You will be considering who should live where, and what should happen with property, with income, and with debts. If you have children, you will be designing new arrangements for their care after separation. You may be looking for affordable accommodation. You may be packing to leave and dividing furniture and other assets.

These are all huge challenges in themselves, made more so under the emotional impact of separation, which is often strong, and for some people, cataclysmic. It’s hard to get organised when you feel vulnerable, unsafe, confused or overwhelmed.

Service description

Our twin focus in this intensive one-to-one advice, coaching and planning consultation is analysis and planning. We help you identify your goals, and to sort the issues and tasks you face in effectively addressing your specific circumstances, be they legal, practical, financial, safety-oriented, parental, property or health-oriented. We help you to prioritise these and create an action strategy.

We can also address how you might plan to prevent or resolve any disputes.

If you need referrals for counselling, financial advisory or other specialised family separation services in your area, we can help you find some.

Depending on your needs, we can talk you through communicating with your partner about separation and provide legal advice about what family separation means and about ‘separation under one roof’. We can provide a basic overview of your position in the family law landscape in relation to divorce, property and parenting.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Understanding about future legal processes
  • Peace of mind about how to address specific issues
  • Clarification in your own thinking about how to handle specific issues strategically
  • A plan of prioritised action

Service summary

We provide:

  • A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer, providing legal advice, information, guidance, planning and personal support, as appropriate for your needs and expressed aims for the session
  • A personalised, written Family Separation Checklist summarising goals, issues, priorities and next-steps

Your responsibilities:

  • All follow-up action on issues, plans and next-steps (as you decide)


$450 plus GST