Property Settlement Consent Orders: Documents


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Why might I need this?

You and your former partner have reached agreement-in-principle between you on property and financial agreements, and you understand that you will remain financially liable in relation to the other party unless you legally formalise the agreement.

You can do this by putting your property agreement into the form of a consent order application for property and financial orders. You do this cooperatively with the other party: there is no question of having to appear in court.

But preparing an Application for Consent Orders is challenging.  And you understand that it’s important that the technical issues (for implementing the settlement) are dealt with clearly in the consent order documentation, and that signing and filing take place as quickly as possible after your successful mediation event. (The longer it takes to get your consent orders into court after mediation, the more risk there is that your informal agreement will fall apart.)

Service description

We professionally prepare the entire suite of documentation for your draft property settlement consent order application, moving from your existing agreement as a starting point.

We identify what outcomes you seek and the special circumstances the draft orders should provide for. Outside consultation, we prepare and send two versions of the draft orders, taking account of your comments in between.

This legal service product is for ‘documentation’ rather than legal advisory services about your property deal (for this, please see LSP10 Property Settlement Legal Advisory Clinic). We will ask you to provide written details of your concluded informal property agreement prior to the consultation.

What benefits will I gain?

  • No need for you to battle with the legal technicalities of the consent order process and preparation
  • Less delay: apply to the court while your partner is still committed to the agreement
  • Confidence that the content of property agreement is expressed in clear, legal terms in the draft orders and is sufficiently comprehensive and consistent with the law to pass review at court
  • Additional best-practice content to ensure the workability of your property settlement
  • Technically compliant documentation ready to sign and file

Service summary

We provide:

  • A one-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer
  • In-consultation review of your existing agreement
  • Drafting of a bespoke-tailored suite of draft documentation for an Application for Consent Orders, and all ancillary documents
  • Review of one set of your written comments, suggested amendments and additions
  • Checklist for signing
  • Checklist for e-filing
  • Personalised action checklist.

Your responsibilities:

  • Completion of our pre-consultation Family Property Questionnaire
  • Provision of feedback on the first draft of the documentation
  • Provision of supporting documentation as requested


$3,200 plus GST