Parenting Agreements Advisory Clinic


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Why might I need this?

Successful co-parenting after separation can be complex to establish. An entirely new system of the family’s operations must be designed, tested and, ideally, refined. But once a well-designed model is in place, every member of the family can flourish, as each child and parent grows from meeting the new challenges and experiences whilst being sustained, at least in part, by the certainty, regularity and appropriate allocation of responsibilities that a well-crafted parenting agreement (a ‘parenting plan’) can provide.

But there are many challenges on the way to establishment of a post-separation parenting model that truly works. There may be temporary arrangements necessary directly after family separation. There may be misunderstandings and mix-ups, especially with parents under pressure on a number of different fronts. You may be out of ideas for fixing things.

It can be helpful to talk these issues through, and to get experienced legal professional advice about what might help make parenting after separation work. Whether you are commencing the process—at mediation or otherwise–are part-way through negotiations or experiencing difficulties with established parenting after separation arrangements.

Service description

In wide-ranging clinic, we can advise you on your legal options (including for litigation), reality-test your parenting after separation proposals in relation to family law, review your draft parenting plan and assist with suggestions for content, and coach you in relation to negotiations. We talk through your issues, concerns and questions, providing legal perspective but also experiential perspective, gained from speaking with many hundreds of other separating parents. We help you decide next-steps and clear, solid proposals for the other parent.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Understanding about the relevant law about parenting after separation
  • Additional clarity about your parenting proposals in relation to the law
  • Suggestions for how to make a parenting plan, including additional best-practice content that will enhance long-term sustainability
  • Reduction of confusion and more certainty about your position, legally and practically

Service summary

We provide:

A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer, receiving your statement of facts and providing legal advice and information, as appropriate, for your needs and questions as you disclose them.

Personalised action checklist.

Your responsibilities:

Completion of our pre-consultation Parenting Questionnaire.


$450 plus GST