Divorce Application Documentation


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Why might I need this?

Preparing your own divorce documentation, particularly with the new requirements for entirely online divorce process, can be a more challenging and time-consuming task than you expect! 

You might wish to approach it with more hands-on assistance, support and advice through the complex legal technical and technological processes.

Service description

We take your instructions to prepare your draft Application for Divorce during your consultation with us.  After the consultation, you review the draft and perform the final steps to sign and file the application.

We provide initial instructions for you to register at the court’s electronic filing portal, Comcourts.

During your consultation,  we login on your behalf to prepare and save a draft of your Application for Divorce in the Comcourts portal, and to upload the supporting documentation that you have provided to us beforehand. We will screenshare with you throughout this process and take your instruction for completion progressively. 

If there is additional time in the consultation, we can explain what to expect if you will need to attend a court hearing for the divorce (in a sole application with children under 18 years), and share all our best hints for effectively ‘serving’ divorce papers on your spouse, and talk you through the options if service is likely to be a problem.

We will not file the application during the consultation, as it is important that you have an opportunity to review it privately first, or send it to your spouse, if you have a joint application.  You may also be asked by the court to provide additional documentation.

After the consultation, you will receive a checklist for any further action you need to undertake and instructions for submitting the application to court. 

What benefits will I gain?

  • Understanding about the relevant legal processes for an Australian divorce
  • A fast-track headstart through the complex electronic divorce application process

Service summary

We provide:

  • Instructions for registration at the online ComCourts portal
  • A 1.5 hour audio-visual consultation with a Tribe family lawyer. Using ‘screenshare’ for the most of this session, your lawyer will login to the Comcourts portal on your behalf to draft your application for divorce, whilst you provide instructions progressively. 
  • We will upload the scanned copy of your marriage certificate and any other necessary supporting documents if you have provided these to us beforehand. 
  • We will save the completed draft in the portal for your later review, signing and submission, and/or for sending to your spouse (if you are a joint applicant).
  • We provide a checklist of action for you to complete,’sign’ and finally file the divorce application. 
  • A checklist for serving your Application on the other party

Your responsibilities:

  • Provide us with electronic copies of supporting documentation, as requested, prior to your consultation.
  • Take action to register at the Comcourts portal, prior to your consultation (You will receive our checklist for this.)
  • Review your prepared draft Application for Divorce, after the consultation.
  • Prepare and upload such additional supporting documentation as the court may request, after the consultation. 
  • Arrange to ‘sign’ your Affidavit
  • In you are making a joint application, send a draft of the application to your spouse
  • If you are making a sole application, arrange ‘service’ on the other party
  • Appear in court (if this is necessary in your circumstances)


$800 plus GST