Divorce Advisory Clinic


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Why might I need this?

You might have heard that ‘getting divorce in Australia is easy’. This is just plain wrong. The court simplifies the forms and application for divorce process as much as possible but, in the end, divorce is a significant legal event, and the documentation and procedural steps required to achieve it reflects this.

So the modern Australian divorce can be technically daunting. This might especially be the case if you are making a sole application, if there are complications about ‘serving’ the documents on your spouse, or if you have been separated under one roof.

Service description

Depending on how far you have already progressed with preparation of your Application for Divorce, we can perform a legal check on your documentation, or steer you in the right direction or talk you through the preparation of a new Application. We can talk to you about the options of sole vs a joint application. We can help you understand the electronic filing process.

If you will need to go to court for the divorce (for a sole application with children under 18 years), we can explain what to expect, what to say, where to sit and how to stay safe, if this is an issue. We can also share all our best hints for ‘serving’ divorce papers on your spouse and talk you through the options for service not being possible.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Understanding about how a divorce works
  • Clarity about how to address specific issues
  • Confidence about completing and filing your Application for Divorce
  • Faster preparation and less likelihood for delay for procedural reasons at court

Service summary

We provide:

  • An intensive, one-to-one, 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer, providing legal advice, information, guidance, planning and personal support as appropriate for your needs
  • A legal check of your documentation or help completing it (within the consultation)
  • A checklist for completing, executing and e-filing your Application
  • A checklist for serving your Application on the other party

Your responsibilities:

  • Preparation of your own Application for Divorce
  • Arranging to execute your completed Application
  • E-filing your Application
  • Appearing in court (if this is necessary in your circumstances)


$450 plus GST