Property Negotiations Workshop


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Why might I need this?

For many people, negotiating and finalising their own property settlement after separation will be single biggest financial deal they will ever be involved in. And it will be one with vastly important ramifications for their future.

Whether or not negotiation is part of your work-based skillset, it can be difficult to know and to judge how to conduct a property settlement negotiation with a former partner: Where do I start? How do I finish? What is ‘fair’? The law can be helpful here. Australian family law describes a process, albeit one that is not easily decipherable by non-lawyers, for deciding on entitlements at the end of a relationship.

There are negotiating techniques, too, that can help you structure the process so that you end up where you need to be. Remember that, in family law in particular, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. And then your question: How?

Service description

In this workshop focussed on the dynamics of property settlement negotiation, we examine the reasoning that family law would bring to its assessment of your property, financial and other factual circumstances and use it to help you decide the best outcome you might expect (and the worst you might accept), in view of the specific aims you might have for the future. Then we work on the range of negotiation positions you might adopt, structured as a strategy, supported by principles in the law but also by specific negotiation ‘hacks’, that will help you end up closer to the best rather than the least acceptable outcome. Valuable before commencing negotiations, or at any point along the way: it’s never too late to be negotiating smarter

We suggest prior attendance at Tribes Property Settlement Legal Advisory Clinic or receipt of other legal professional assessment of your prospects. There is no scope for property settlement evaluation within this service.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Better prepared to engage strategically with your former partner
  • Skills and knowledge about negotiating techniques to put towards a better property settlement outcome
  • Operationalise in your own negotiation applicable arguments from family law for a particular set of outcomes
  • Clarity about how to address specific issues e.g. creative approaches to a stalemate
  • A strategic plan (perhaps with ‘what if?’ options) for your progressive negotiating positions

Service summary

We provide:

A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer, providing legal advice, information, coaching, planning as appropriate for your needs as you might disclose them, and what you tell us you wish to gain from the session.

Personalised action checklist.

Your responsibilities:

Completion of our pre-consultation Family Property Settlement Questionnaire