Parenting Plan Documentation


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Why might I need this?

Signing up to a ‘standard’ or templated parenting plan can be a quick route to no parenting plan at all. Every family is different. What makes a parenting plan successful are arrangements tailored to that difference—to the circumstances of parents and to the specific needs of the kids. The terms of your parenting plan must reflect what makes your family special, now and so far as you can see into the future.

Although it can and should cover every issue that is important to one or both parents, a parenting plan needs detail (the more conflict, the more detail), it should contain provisions about communication, about changes as the children grow, about decision-making and about future dispute resolution. A parenting plan like this can steer you and your co-parent into a solid and cooperative relationship. It can underpin the children’s continuing positive development, and of their relationship with each of you.

Service description

We review your existing proposals and ideas and identify what outcomes you seek and the special circumstances your parenting plan should provide for. Outside consultation, then, we draft and send two versions of a complete, customised parenting plan, receiving your comments in-between.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Additional clarity about your parenting proposals in relation to the law
  • Suggestions for additional best-practice content for your parenting plan to enhance long-term sustainability
  • Reduction of confusion and more certainty about your position, legally and practically
  • Complete, bespoke-tailored parenting agreement documentation, in your hands. Soon.

Service summary

We provide:

  • A one-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer
  • First draft of a fully customised, editable draft parenting plan, ready for signing or submitting for further discussion to the other parent, in mediation or otherwise
  • Review of your written comments suggested amendments or additions
  • Provision of a second and final draft

Your responsibilities:

  • Completion of our pre-consultation Parenting Questionnaire
  • Provision of feedback on the first draft of the plan