Litigation Advisory Clinic


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Why might I need this?

This consultation is for all the concerns you might have at the beginning of court matter, including the big decision about whether to start a property or parenting case. Or having decided to commence, you might need some direction about preparing your own documents.

You may have been served with documents because your partner has started a case against you and are wondering whether to respond, and if so, what you need to do. You might have prepared some documentation for a new case and want a family lawyer to check them over and make suggestions for content. You might be on your way to court to self-represent and need some guidance and support about what happens on the day.

Service description

We can do a quick, on-the-spot review of your prepared documents, or of documents that have been served on you. We can talk to you about whether to commence or respond to an application in the court. And if you decide to do so, we can provide guidance and support for completing the documentation: what documents to prepare, what to put in them, about evidence and efiling.

In terms of being in court, we can tell where to stand, what to expect, and what to say to get started. We can also help you plan your out-of-court negotiation with the other side so you can conclude the case before you get very far down the track.

What benefits will I gain?

  • Enter litigation with a clear goals and an understanding about your legal prospects
  • Reduced anxiety
  • A plan to reach early resolution through out-of-court negotiation
  • Understanding about relevant legal procedure, court procedure and law
  • Clarity about how to address specific legal issues in your content.
  • Help with your decision-making

Service summary

We provide:

  • A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer, providing legal advice, information, coaching, planning as appropriate for your needs as you might disclose them, and what you tell us you wish to gain from the session.
  • A legal check of your documentation or help completing it (within the consultation)

Your responsibilities:

  • Provision any prepared draft documentation or other relevant documentation to date.


$390 plus GST