Initiating Application or Response (Property or Parenting): Full Documentation


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Why might I need this?

You have decided to start a case to obtain property or parenting orders from the family court. You don’t have a lawyer to represent you—you will be self-represented litigant–BUT you want professional preparation of your initial application or response and all the additional documentation that goes with it. What an excellent idea!

Service description

We draft all the documentation for your Initiating Application, or Response, for parenting orders or a property settlement– including a detailed, customised statement of the interim and final orders you seek — and all necessary ancillary documents, including the principal affidavit.

Your legal position, your story and the issues relevant to the law will be clearly and persuasively identified to the court and to the other party.

Tailored to your specific instructions. Ready for you to execute and file in court.

What benefits will I receive?

Even if long-term legal representation is not an option for you, you gain enormous traction towards the best possible outcomes with a professionally prepared documentation. Additionally, you gain:

  • Better prospects for early resolution by negotiation: your case is clearly stated and the other party can see you have legal resources
  • Much less time and anxiety spent on the complexities of document preparation
  • Understanding about relevant legal procedure, court procedure and law
  • Additional content that you would not have considered
  • Technical compliance at court reduces potential for delays
  • Confidence that you are putting your best foot forward as a self-represented litigant

Service summary

We provide:

  • A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer
  • Drafting of your Initiating Application or Response and necessary ancillary documents including your Affidavit of evidence
  • Checklist for e-filing
  • Personalised action checklist.

Your responsibilities:

Supporting documentation as requested