Initiating Application or Response (Property or Parenting):
Affidavit only


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Why might I need this?

You have decided to start a case to obtain property or parenting orders from the family court. You don’t have a lawyer to represent you: you are a self-represented litigant. You have also decided to prepare most of the documentation yourself. But you are not sure how to prepare your Affidavit. And you have noticed that the rules about the form and content of affidavits are quite demanding.

The Affidavit is the place where you provide the facts–your evidence—to prove that, if the court made the orders you seek, this would be in the ‘best interests’ of your children, or would make for a ‘just and equitable’ property settlement. If you don’t provide enough admissible evidence to support this argument, your case will fail.

Service description

We review your responses to our parenting or property settlement questionnaire, your completed draft of the Initiating Application or Response, and take additional instructions from you during consultation.

We draft a structured Affidavit that presents your evidence in roughly your own language style, with reference to the relevant legal issues, the law of evidence, the rules of the court and, most particularly, the outcomes that you seek.

What benefits will I receive?

A well-drafted Affidavit will carefully address the legal issues and will deliver powerful and persuasive testimony that your version of relevant facts is the one that the court should prefer.

  • Relief from the complexities of drafting a legally compliant Affidavit
  • Understanding about relevant legal procedure, court procedure and law
  • Additional content that you would not have considered

Service summary

We provide:

  • A 1-hour audio-visual or audio-only consultation with a Tribe family lawyer
  • Completed draft Affidavit appropriate for filing with your Initiating Application or Response for a parenting or property case. Ready for signing.

Your responsibilities:

  • Pre-consultation completion of our Property Settlement and/or Parenting Questionnaire
  • Pre-consultation completion of the balance of your Initiating Application or Response, including additional documentation (e.g. a Financial Statement for a property application)
  • Provision of supporting documents as requested
  • Prepare the balance of the Initiating Application or Response and other required documents
  • Arrange for proper execution of documents
  • File all documents in court
  • Represent yourself in the case


$1500 plus GST